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What some of our regulars have to say about Song Medicine...




“I just love it.There's something really magical about lots of voices coming together especially when it's in harmony. It's otherworldly. I loved the first session. There were all these different kinds of voices and didn't matter if we could or couldn't sing. It's just about expressing ourselves through voice. And it's community. I feel like there's been such a beautiful reunion between myself and my singing - to find my voice again and speak my truth a little bit more and be a little bit more.I feel so comfortable - it feels like coming home.” 



"I talk about it to everybody I meet and everybody I know and encourage them to come along! It's just so relaxing and regulating, and it sets you up for the weekend. We have a good laugh and a good chat, and tea and biscuits, and enjoy making something together and learning what we're capable of.

The group could be strangers at the beginning of the evening, but we're all gonna be friends by the end. It's a chance to really switch off from everything that's going on in your life and just be with a group of people making something magical together."




"As a lifelong, 50+ non-singer, I was surprised (and a little terrified!) to find myself drawn to join a singing group. However, HSC very quickly became one of the highlights of my week. Assamiya is a very welcoming, inclusive and passionate group leader who has drawn me out of my singing shell, built my confidence and helped me realise that I can actually sing!"

David C


"Heart Song Collective’s weekly Song Medicine is a perfect way for me to find my voice in a more informal and spiritual way, giving voice to songs grounded in nature, spirit and love. Also, as a bass, it’s makes a lovely change to be able to sing in whatever range suits me. There’s no right or wrong way to sing, so I can fully be in the moment and relax into my singing. Assamiya leads in a gentle and supportive way, always with a dose of self-deprecating humour."



"Before, singing was something I was quite shy about. Withheld. I didn't feel so free in my expression. Finding this was perfect! A non-competitive, non-judgmental space where everything is welcome, including my own sometimes out of tune-ness. I definitely find a sense of freedom in my voice and a feeling of togetherness. And it means a lot to me that the group is so diverse. The day or two after, I am so free and bouncy. I really recommend it!"

David N



"It's just wonderful! I know I'm gonna really enjoy it and I know it's gonna make me feel really lovely. And I think you facilitate and hold the space really beautifully. I often feel euphoric afterwards. Very connected with everyone who is there, very calm. Like I’ve used my voice in a really nice way - a really powerful way. 100% for me!"



"This is the highlight of my week! There's a real sense of peace, especially by the end, even when the songs have been a bit tricky. You are a wonderful facilitator Assamiya - you’re joyful, playful, honest, authentic. You bring people together in a really lovely way.There's a lovely connection with the group and I really appreciate that there’s no performing, because there’s just no pressure. It’s like soul singing and I think anyone would love it."
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